AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack + License Key 2022

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack + License Key 2022

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack + License Key 2022 Latest Version

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Crack is an excellent hard drive utility that can help users of all knowledge levels take full control of their local volumes, including spinning hard drives, solid-state drives, and external flash drives. The application can not only perform a wide range of services for the basic management of drives and their partitions (create, partition, merge, move, resize, copy, rename, and more) but also improve their overall performance and increase their speed. The application is especially useful for users who are setting up their local storage for the first time or troubleshooting outdated drives experiencing operational slowdowns. AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro is distributed online as a lightweight application with a complete installer/uninstaller that helps users quickly deploy it to their desktop and laptop with a few on-screen instructions.

Once installed, the application will perform an automatic scan to detect all connected storage drives, which includes even drives and partitions that are still not formatted and fully visible by Windows. The app’s user interface has been designed from the ground up to give all users quick access to all of its tools, with the main icon tabs at the top of the app (colored in blue), and two side menus on the far left – one for one-click wizard tools (the app contains Over a dozen it covers all the most used scenarios which include even secure data erase and NTFS/FAT32 converter), another for all essential tools like Disk Clone, Quick Partition, Wipe Hard Drive, Disk Surface Testing, MBR Re-creation, Deleting All Partitions, and a few from other sections. The rest of the application panel is for the main operations menu.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack + License Key 2022

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack with Activation Code for Win/Mac

The tools include not only managing entire drives, but also individual partitions. Users have complete control over their drive and will always be informed if any operation will affect the integrity of their saved data. For some operations, user data will not be affected (such as merging two partitions on the same physical hard drive), but in many other situations, the application will request that the data be permanently lost. Fortunately, the included backup tools can safely migrate data to a safe location before the target drive is managed. The performance of older, data-clogged drives can be refreshed to the last with built-in tools, and drives near the end of their lifespan can be verified by extensive surface testing.

  • There is also a tool for fully secure wiping of data from SSDs and SSDs, which will restore them to factory settings and help users get back to their peak storage performance.
  • Traditional hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), and SSHD.
  • External hard drive (USB 1.0/2.0/3.0), PC card, all flash drives, thumb drives, and other removable media.
  • All storage devices recognized by Windows, such as IDE, SATA, iSCSI, SCSI disk, IEEE1394 (FireWire), etc.
  • Hardware RAID, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, etc.
  • Support MBR disk and GPT disk up to 16TB+.
  • Support up to 128 disks in one system.
  • Full support for hard disks with sector sizes of 4096, 2048, 1024, and 512 bytes.
  • Support for virtual disk partition in VMware, Virtual Box, Virtual PC, etc.
  • Support UEFI/EFI boot.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack + License Key 2022

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack Plus Keys for PC

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro can be tested for free during the initial trial period. After that, users have to purchase one premium license for life that unlocks 24/7/365 for lifetime technical support. The application is optimized for all modern versions of the Windows operating system, including XP, 7, Vista, 8, and 10. Not only older hard drives can suffer from slowdowns but also newer ones, mainly due to the accumulation of too many files and poor allocation of available space. However, proper partitioning of the hard drive fixes this problem. For those who have never or very rarely done so, many utilities can fix this problem. One such tool is AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition which aims to make it easy for everyone to perform a variety of tasks with minimal effort.

The friendly interface that welcomes you as soon as you open the application, which has all the functions neatly organized and available from the dedicated menus or via the left part of the main window. The set of functions that can be performed with the help of this program includes activities with separate partitions as well as the entire hard disk. Thus, you will be able to copy or erase the entire hard drive and perform a surface test to make sure that your hard drive is working fine. The highlight of the application stems from the fact that it packs a function that allows you to securely delete your SSD hard drive. It goes without saying that by doing this, you can reset your SSD to factory settings and ensure that you are enjoying peak performance from your solid state drive.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack with Serial Key 100% Working

In case there are too many partitions and you want to merge them, this is possible with AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition, as well as converting an MBR disk to a GPT-based disk or rebuilding an MBR (Master Boot Record). As far as partition management tasks are concerned, the app can handle just about everything from resizing to aligning these sections. More precisely, it is possible to move, split or merge partitions, change the allocation of free space as well as create, delete or format existing partitions. There are several dedicated wizards within Partition Assistant, and you can use them to perform operating system migrations, restore partitions, bootable CDs, or USB drives with Windows installation files by just following the instructions provided by the developer.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack + License Key 2022

In general, it seems that the professional version of AOMEI Partition Assistant provides all the right tools for partition management functions. It ran smoothly on the latest version of Windows in our tests and had little impact on PC performance.


  • Resize / Move Partition: Resize the partition without losing data
  • Expand Partition Wizard: Extend NTFS Partition Without Rebooting
  • Allocate free space: Reallocate free space from one partition to another
  • Merge partitions: Merge two adjacent partitions into one
  • Split Partition: Divide a large partition into two small parts
  • Create partition: Create a new partition to store different data
  • Delete partition: delete the unnecessary partition
  • Format partition: Empty all data on the partition
  • System Migration: System Migration to Solid State Drive (OS to SSD)
  • Disk Copy: Clone a disk from one disk to another
  • Copy Section: Clone a section to another location
  • Dynamic to Basic Disk Converter: Convert dynamic disk to basic disk without data loss
  • MBR and GPT Converter: Convert between MBR disk and GPT disk without data loss
  • Convert NTFS and FAT32: Convert NTFS to FAT32 partition with no data loss and vice versa
  • Basic and logical transformation: Convert between primary partition and logical partition safely
  • Create a bootable disk: Create a Windows PE bootable media without the need to install AIK / WAIK
  • Windows To Go Creator: Install Windows 8 on an external disk or removable flash drive

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack + License Key 2022


  • partition alignment
  • partition recovery
  • Wipe disk/partition
  • change drive letter
  • Hide/Show Partition
  • Bad Sector Check
  • Partition check
  • make an active partition
  • Recreate MBR
  • Disk Format
  • Change the serial number
  • Change the partition type identifier


License key



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System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit only), 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), or 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • RAM, 32-bit: 2 GB, 64-bit: 4 GB
  • Disk Space: 4.0 GB
  • 1360 x 768 resolution in true color

How is it installed?

  • Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro from below.
  • Download and install Crack.
  • After installation, extract the files and run them.
  • Click on the crack and then close it.
  • Copy the Crack Folder file and paste it into the installation folder.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 9.8.1 Crack + License Key 2022 Latest Version

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